Reuse, Reuse, Reuse!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the reuse part of the 3 R’s lately, not only is it great for the environment but its great for our budgets.

A decent reuseable water bottle (one you can carry around without leaking in your purse) will run between $15-$25 average. Compare that to most bottles of water at the store lets say $1 each and you have broke even in 15-25 bottles and everything after that is saving you $.95 cents or so (figuring the cost of tap water.) Now lets say you buy bottles of water by the case and average about $3 a case anywhere between 5-9 cases you have broke even and are saving money!

How about bags? Specifically Purses and work/daily bags I”m not going to say my particular taste in brands is cheap…its not. There are plenty of high quality bags out there at a decent price and if you find one you love pay a little more and then re use it from year to year. I have a purse for each season so I’m always feeling like I get a ‘new’ one, but really its the same one as last year!  I do the same thing with my work bags just keep them rotating.

Buy purchasing clothes or household items of a little higher quality we can use them over and over and  in the end save $$ and be a little greener by not needing to replace  those items often.

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