Thoughts on Thursday {Phone Free Date Night!}


I know this shouldn’t even be an issue for Mac and I we are part of the generation the grew up without cell phones for goodness sake but somehow we have gotten ourselves 100% attached to our phones. We are pretty good about using them less during date nights but I don’t think we have ever made it through a full date night without one of us looking at our phone.

Until Tuesday, we had an entire night of just us talking! No phones, no facebook or check-ins (my problems) not ebay or woot (his problems.) Just us!

Keeping eachother a real priority felt great, we talked more and about deeper stuff than we have in a while and I loved it.

Are you able to keep your date nights phone free?


One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday {Phone Free Date Night!}

  1. Yes,ma’am. You will be setting a great example for your children too. Showing your spouse that they are the most important person – they are a priority. That’s important to any relationship.

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