Stay green when your not at home

It can be easy (or at least easier) to live green when your at home. However when your out and about things get a little trickier. Here are some ways you can continue your sustainable living outside of the house

Image via Live Green
  • Bring your own beverage. Try to always have a water bottle with you and refill it.  If your a coffee house buff try to either use a container that they can make your preferred drink in or have another mug in your car ready to head to the coffee house.
  • Recycle your disposables. If you forget your reusable container make sure to recycle the one your given. Most plastic cups are recyclable (just throw away the lid and the straw) and I think pretty much all cardboard/paper cups are fully recyclable. Just rinse and throw in the bin (you might have to bring them back home to recycle.)
  • Bring your own bag. Keep a stash of reuse able bags in your car and maybe even 1 or 2 in your purse!
  • Choose less packaging or recyclable packaging.  Some ways you can do this are to buy fresh, buy used, simply look at the options and pick the one with less packaing or …. don’t buy at all.
  • Use less gas. If you have 2 cars in your family try to make sure that the person driving the furthest uses the car with the best MPG. Also take care of your car so that it can be as efficient as possible.

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