I’m Running Disney!


Well we have officially lost our minds, hubby agreed to letting me sign up for the Disney Princess 10k!!

Not long after I found out we were expecting I started talking about signing up for a 1/2 marathon in California as motivation to get back in shape after the baby comes.  Well after a lot of thinking I realized that I did not want to do 1/2 marathon training on a treadmill…and since I live in Minnesota I can’t count on a nice winter that will allow 12 mile runs outside during the winter.

Then I heard that the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon weekend added a 10k to their plans. This would knock out 2 of my racing goals! 1. Have a big race after baby and 2. to run a Disney race. I didn’t think the Disney one would happen till our little one was quite a bit older.

I still can’t believe its happening, Febuary 22nd next year is going to be my first ‘big race’ back and I’m sooo stinking excited!

Now to keep saving up for the expensive jogging stroller….

One thought on “I’m Running Disney!

  1. You are crazy, my friend! And so very awesome too 🙂 Just remember, after baby is born you need to let your body rest and recover for a little bit before you jump back in with the running. It’s best to get doctor’s clearance before you start back with your exercise routine to prevent injury. I technically have a jogging stroller I don’t use often (since I just wear the baby all the time) but it might be a tad too hard to get it too you 🙂

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