Being Green sometimes its what you don’t buy.

A Lot of times we think about being green and we think about buying the ‘greener’ product or choosing locally made or produced products. However have you ever thought about how big of an impact you could have if you didn’t buy something?

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Not buying things is about as green as you get! If you don’t buy something then it dson’et ever have to be manufactured, shopped, stocked or any other of those energy consuming steps! It’s simple on paper I’ve even talked about it before, but in practice its hard. Here are a few ideas on how to slow down your shopping.

  1. Don’t make it a social activity. Only go shopping if you need something. If you do go out with your friends make sure they know what you are looking for and they help you stay on track.
  2. If you see something you really want, walk away from it. Go to a different store, get a drink, or use the restroom. If you really want or need that item, it will be worth the walk back. (Found this hint at Care2)
  3. Check to see if you have something at home that will work before you buy something new. I was going to buy some drawer organizers for the baby’s room till I realized a box I had fit perfectly and who cares that its a box you can’t tell its in a drawer!!
  4. Use a cash budget, cash is always harder to spend.


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