Staying Motivated Part 1

It happens to everyone, you start out on your new diet/exercise plan and it goes great for a while. Then it happens,  you loose that gung-ho attitude  you had when it started. It can happen for a lot of reasons but below I’m going to name some of the most common I’ve heard (and dealt with myself) and how I busted through them.

The schedule is overwhelming-

Maybe you needed that 5 or 6 day workout schedule when you started, maybe that is what it took to get the quick feedback (weight loss/muscle gain) but now its just to hard to maintain.

For the average working  Joe, with a house a job and other responsiblities committing 5-6 days a week to exercise might be to much and that is OK. They key to a long standing exercise plan is finding something that works. So springboard off of that motivation of the first 2 weeks and find a better schedule for you.

Eating healthy is hard.

It was easy when you started because you knew you were going to loose weight/have more energy. However cooking from scratch is a lot of work and expensive….

Your right cooking from scratch is more work, but think about how much better for you it is! This one is all brain training and some prepwork. Prep your snacks ahead of time (cut up veggies for example) I’ve found 2 prep nights work best for me so that foods don’t go bad I normally do Sunday and Wednesday. On nights when your in a hurry do a simple meal grill some chicken and a quick veggie. That takes no more time than hamburger helper. 

As for expensive, it was when I was buying both the ‘healthy stuff’ and the processed foods…buy why was I buying both? Once I started buying ONLY the healthy stuff and the occasional treat I noticed our food budget went back down pretty close to normal.  

These are the top two reasons I hear and have personally experianced, once I started typing I realized I really had a lot to say about the matter so look for part 2 next week!

What causes you to lose your motivation?

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