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One of my very best friends got married last week, it was a wonderful day. Prior to that we had some fun celebrating and that included a night out when we wanted everyone to know she was the lucky “Bride to Be.” Not just any sash would do though, who wants to wear the same sash all the other girls are?

This is where my new sewing machine and a little silver glitter iron on vinyl came into play. I started out making the sash.


I started out measuring 2-4 inch strips of the fabric I choose.


I wanted the sash to be double sided so I folded over the fabric and Ironed it down at the 4 inch mark before  I used a rotary tool to cut out the strips.


Next I attached the two strips at the short ends.


Then I stitched down the whole strip as close to the edge as I could. I turned the full tube inside out just like working with panty hose.


With the help of a mirror I folded the edges to the point I wanted and then clipped it down.


I ironed down the edge, trimmed off the excess and folded over a the edge so it wouldn’t be raw.  I made sure the hem would be on the inside of the final sash.


Hemmed down the edge


Then sewed together both sides of the point. The sash is done but it still needs some personalization.


Place the vinyl on your cutting mat frontside down, for glitter this means glittery side down.


Remember to reverse the text before cutting.


For my Cricut with a fairly new blade U used a blade depth of 3 speed of 2 and pressure of 3.


I peeled off the excess and then gently placed the words on the sash marking where I wanted them with baby clothes pins. the clear plastic you iron works just like transfer tape.


Last but not least you pre-warm the fabric for about 5 seconds and then place the words back on one section at a time. Pressing firmly with the iron for about 30 seconds.  The wool setting on my iron works perfectly for me. this is all a bit of trial and error depending on your iron but less is more you can always put the iron back on ;)




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