Thoughts on Thursday {Marriage Rambelings}

I’m really not sure what to write about today. I have lots going through my head but it all seems so basic and I’m pretty sure I”ve talked about it all before. How about instead I just let you know where Mac and I are in our marriage?


This July just before the baby is due will be our 4 year aniversery. I’m excited for that really excited, I don’t know why but it seams like we are past those initial ‘honeymoon’ years and are in the ‘real years.’ I’m not sure we really had the honeymoon years honestly since we both had been previously married but never the less 4 just seems legit for some reason.

We are finding ways that work for us, and that is what you need in a marriage. Are there some general rules, yeah dates, communication, respect and the like. But there are also parts of marriage that you have to figure out on your own. We now know ( well I’ve always known) that sometimes I just need to talk things through, even when I already know what the answer will be. However giving some warning to Mac that, that is what I need is a good idea otherwise its just frustrating for him since we already know the answer. Now just a simple  “I know we will probably end up with the same answer but I really need to talk this one through” before I start hashing things out helps both of us.

We are expecting our first child, just in case you missed that. Its interesting, It hasn’t really impacted us too much yet but its starting to get real, less than 6 weeks now and well we all know that will have a dramatic effect on the marriage.



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