Why I’m Green {Vitamins}

Now I’m sure many of you are already thinking to yourselves how are vitamins a green thing? Honestly until pretty recently I didn’t think it was, honestly I didn’t think much about the whole topic. I took a vitamin…if I remembered and that was the end of it. Then I got pregnant and I started looking into the quality of the vitamins I was taking.

Did you know that some vitamins containe ingrediants like aaspartame and hydroginated oils?!? How about corn syrup, corn starch and artificial coloring? Many of these ingrediants are some of the first on the list, which means there are more of them in your vitamins then there are vitamins!

I won’t go into detail about all the chemicals right now because that would make this post pretty long so we will save that for another post.

I completly understand that vitamins need bonding agents and that there is really no way to get 100%  natural sources of vitamins packed into a little pill, however I do know there are better and more natural ways to do it.

One option I’ve seen as a bonding agent or filler  is microcrystalline cellulose it is an in insoluble fiber which means it can’t be absorbed into the blood stream and therefore  has little to no side effects.  Source here

I was amazed when I switched brands. Personally I noticed a  huge energy level increas about 2 weeks after I started the new brand. Hubby noticed an energy increase as well but more exciting for us he noticed a substantial decrease in his lactose intolorance!!! Obviously a good vitamins with quality ingredients makes a difference.

I’ve done my research and found a brand that works for me, but the truth is there are MANY good companies out there that sell better vitamin choices and they arn’t all exspensive.  I don’t want to become a product pusher on this blog however I have found an amazing vitamin that I love and the price is right too! If your interested in knowing what I have found e-mail me lifelovegreen@gmail.com

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