Living Green is Everyday Choices

Being green ( by my personal definition meaning trying to live more sustainably and choosing things that are better on the environment) is an every day kind of thing. It can be something big like giving up your car and taking the bus or riding your bike but it can also be making sure that the person that drives the farthest each day uses the car with better MPG.

People who make the big changes have big impacts yes but I don’t want anyone to think that the little things they do arn’t worth it. Like I talked about a few weeks ago just making a concious effort to recycle can reduce the amount of trash you have greatly.

In my opinion being green is a choice and if you just make small everyday decisions its an easy one. Here is a list of what I do most often:

  • Lots of recycling, and just buying things with less packaging.
  • Reuseable water bottles, coffee mugs, and straws.
  • I use bamboo silverware and a cloth napkin at work instead of their disposable versions.
  • Washing our clothes in cold water and using concentrated and more natural detergent.
  • Using Tupperware/glass for food transport instead of disposable baggies.
  • Taking lunch to work and not using freezer meals or soups that often (this is healthier and greener!)
  • Using concentrated and bio-degradable household cleaners.

That is just what I can think of off the top of my head!

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