Meal Planning and Healthy Snacks

So we have a dilemma at the LLG house, we are running out of healthy meal ideas. By that I mean we open the fridge and have no inspiration. So we end up either making something un-healthy like Macaroni and Cheese or going out. When we are out we pick healthier options (normally) but that is still not as good as eating at home. Last Thursday night was a particularly bad night… ahem well for me, Mac ended up with a salad I had a brownie earthquake and a banana for dinner.

So this week we are going to meal plan, and make sure that we have  all the ingredients ready and in the fridge. That way we have no excuse, everything will be there ready to go. We have food already for tonight and we are grocerie shopping when I get home.

Another food thing I’m working on (hubby is much better at this lately) is healthy snacks. I tend to reach for candy and carbs lately….and not the good kind of carbs more like the donut kind. So I’m keeping a list of healthy options we have in the house on my fridge so I don’t default to the bad choices.

My current favorites include:

  • Apple or pear slices and cheese
  • String Cheese
  • Yogurt and granola
  • Yogurt and fruit
  • Banana and Peanut Butter

What healthy snacks do you like? Please share I need options 😉

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