Thoughts on Thursday {Busy Days}


So the next two weeks of our lives are pretty crazy full of errands that need to be done, paintball tournaments, graduation and bachelorette parties and a wedding….just to name a few. Not to mention the photos that need to be edited,  all the prep for the wedding and a midwife appointment.

I barely had time to see Mac last night let alone spend any real time with him. However we made time and it was the best part of my day.  After I got home from running out to a baby consignment sale (which I left for about 15 min after he arrived home from work.) We sat down on the porch, talked and played fetch with Cooper for about 20 wonderful min.

Taking time out of our day to intentionally be with each other was exactly what I needed. I felt like I hadn’t seen him much this week (we have been together but busy) and that 20 min of time just focused on each other was perfect.

When life gets busy make sure you take time to connect.

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