Do you recycle or trash things more?

In my little suburb of the cities we have a no sort trash type bin for our recycling.  I Was pretty excited when this arrived last May and I’m pleased to say it has had a HUGE impact on the amount of garbage we throw away.  In fact our garbage bin is only rolled out to the curb every 2-3 weeks (unless we are working on a big project.)

Why you may ask? Well here are my thoughts on the matter.

  • The first one is easy, no sorting! Its a lot easier to convince not only my husband to recycle but its easy for guests to as well when all they have to do is throw anything recyclable in to the paper bag in the pantry.
  • Hey the second one is easy too, we can recycle more things. The new company who runs the bins accepts more types of plastics and a few other extras.
  • We have also began purchasing more Eco-responsible items. We choose things that are recyclable or have less or no packaging.
  • Instead of throwing things out we are selling or donating them.

So how about you? Do you recycle or trash things more? Why so?

3 comments on “Do you recycle or trash things more?

  1. Speaking of Donations if you have any more items you need to donate/get rid of my book club is doing a garage sale at my house on June 1st. If you have any items you would like to get off your hands let me know.

  2. Very cool you got one! We had a huge tote for streamline in NJ and here again in KS. Difference is in Jersey they only took Cardboards, paper, No. 1 and No. 2 plastics ( not all either) and glass of course. Here in Kansas I am a texting fiend!! SO much so that I actually got a letter for trying to recycle things I probably shouldn’t have thrown in there. Lol. BUT here they recycle everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, except for Styrofoam. Our recycle tote is always overflowing and our trash bin is maybe half full every week.

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