Be Strong 5k {An eventful run}

So if you checked the blog over the weekend you would have seen my post  “A little scare…but all is good.” However that was just one of the things that happened during this run. Let me tell you about the rest of it…

I signed up for this race a while back because I wanted to get 1 last race in before the baby came and this seemed like a perfect fit, a virtual race. None of the pressure all of the fun!

Well it started out exactly that way see I didn’t even care if I looked cute:

Yes as you can see I did print and wear a bib, I was proud even if I was running alone.  Anyway the first .5 miles felt great, I rounded the corner on my trail and saw something strange… about 15-20 people all standing around the train track looking down at the bridge. Now I’ve run this trail on Saturdays for almost 2 years (most weekends) and have never seen this before. Not to mention 2 summers ago this same bridge they were all looking at washed out and we just got the trail opened again.  I decided to call the non-emergency line, it just seemed weird….So there is stop number 1.

I ran another .2 miles or so and then got to said bridge, when I ran under it I could see a person standing on the train bridge between the 2 sets of tracks! Ok that is really weird this time I called 911. This time when I called everyone in dispatch was talking and finally the guy came back on the line informing me that a steam engine was coming through town…aah that explains it. Oops sorry to bother you. That was stop number 2

So I continue on the trail now watching for a steam engine to come down the tracks and about another .2 miles in a dog started barking. I was kind of in la la land and when the dog started barking I looked over and right then tripped over a heave in the trail…. of course.  You can read more about that in this post. So there is stop number 3 ( but this time I didn’t stop the timer.)

After I got myself together again and kept running, I knew this might be my last time doing that distance and I wanted to finish! So I kept running and finally hit the 1.5 mark. At that point I’m on a trail running parallel to a major road and have to cross one residential street.  There was a van in the cross walk but she saw me gave me a big smile and backed out of the cross walk. I checked the street saw a car coming from behind me but she was slowing down so I continued through the intersection.  Just past  the van who had backed up I looked to my right and that lady who was slowing down had apparently decided to keep on going even after she saw us!  Darn old woman almost hit Cooper !!!   Umm lady I had right of way for 2 reasons #1 I was going straight and you were turning left and #2 I’m a pedestrian!!!

So there you have it the most eventful 3.1 miles I’ve ever run….. However after removing a few min from my time when I fell I ended up with decent time for 30 weeks preggo.

  37 Min 

11:57 per mile!

One thought on “Be Strong 5k {An eventful run}

  1. Well at least it was a race to remember. Glad everything with you and the baby are okay. I ended up walking my 3k while wearing Kaylie in the baby carrier. It was hot and a bit humid but it was a good walk. Of course, I’m feeling a bit out of shape and my legs are a bit sore from all the activity yesterday but I feel pretty good 🙂

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