A little scare…but all is good.

So today I ran the  Be Strong virtual 5k. I’ll tell you about the whole run on Tuesday….because a lot happened, but right now I want to tell you about our scare.

As I was running today I became distracted when a dog started barking and tripped over a heave in the trial. I’m not exactly sure how I landed but I was 99% sure it wasn’t on my stomach. However at 30 weeks its a little scary, there is less cushion around the baby and while it still takes a decent amount of force to hurt her, the chances are higher than earlier in your pregnancy. Anyway I banged up my knuckles pretty good and have a little road rash on my elbow. I finished off the run and called the midwives as soon as I got home.

Here starts the dilemma, not to get to gross but my placenta is in front of the baby not behind which makes it harder to feel her moving in general. I still really only feel her going strong about twice a day morning and afternoon, sometimes evening. but not before lunch that is just a time when she is pretty chill. Of course that is the #1 things midwives want to know “Is she moving?”…..I couldn’t answer that. I did tell her I didn’t think I landed on my stomach based on how dirty my arm was and that there wasn’t as speak of dirt on the body of my shirt. She told me to eat some protein and dairy queen and she would call back in an hour. If the baby still wasn’t moving I would have to go in for monitoring.

I would like to say now that this is exactly why I wanted to use the midwives we choose, such a great balance of natural and medical intervention.  This is what I need to keep my sanity. I won’t say I was calm for the next hour, but I will say that I was much better than I would have been sitting in a hospital hooked up to monitors.

So I ate, I just so happened to have some birthday Cold Stone Creamery in the freezer and I ate that up…and watched the clock. at 11:41 exactly 8 min before the midwife was due to call back she kicked….huge sigh of relief. Still not enough though. I just sat there praying, and talking to her. “Come on Apple move more for mommy, let me know your ok. She did!

The midwife was in delivery, so she didn’t call back for another 30 min so at my dad’s suggestion  I sat down at the piano and sang some worship songs while I was waiting to keep me calm. I ‘knew’ we were safe but it wasn’t official until I heard it from Kathrine. We finally connected and I got the all clear. I just have to watch for movement/spotting and cramps until I go in to see her a week from Monday for my 32 week check up.

It was scary, I didn’t want something I did, something I thought was so healthy and I’m so proud of to cause something bad to happen to our baby. It was scary because I love her and don’t want anything to happen to her. I was scary because I didn’t know what was going to happen. But it was ok…God was and is in control no matter what happens and today, today he protected my little one from me. I don’t know how people can possibly raise a child without faith being a part of it. I don’t know what I would have done today without it. Thank you God for protecting my little girl.

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  1. Whoa, I got scared for you just reading thing post. I completely understand what you are going through because when I was around 30 weeks, I fell off my bike while riding it to the supermarket. Like you, I was 99% sure I didn’t fall on my stomach and I was pretty banged up everywhere else. I was so worried that I might have hurt Kaylie too and so I was vigilant in checking for spotting or any pain and for her movements. Luckily, I had a doctor’s visit that week too and when he told me every thing with baby was good, I had an enormous sigh of relief. Pretty much after that incident, I was banned from riding the bike since my center of balance is off because of the belly. I’m really glad you and baby Apple are doing ok. I’ll be thinking of you in the coming 10 weeks and hoping that you’ll have a safe and healthy delivery!

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