My first baby shower, and other baby links

This last weekend I had my very first baby shower. This one was with my Iowa friends and family. It was hosted by my Mom and started out with a great devotion by Aunt Stacie. She used common baby items to illustrate a few Biblical principals for raising a child. Here she is talking about the building blocks of faith if I remember correctly….good thing she wrote all the tips and verses out on super cute ready to scrapbook cards for me!


I received a number of great gifts but I don’t want to bore you so I won’t show pictures of all of them…heck I don’t even have pictures of all of them 😉

I received 3 of the coolest blankets this weekend:


One from my best friend Jess that matches our striped wall perfectly


This one is covered in nursery rhyme pictures and quotes from my Aunt Linda.


Last but not least this beauty from my Aunt Jody…I didn’t even know she quilted!


My adorable god-daughter handing me the gift from her mom.


We got the diaper genie and our first batch of Gro Via Diapers! Why do you need a diaper genie for cloth diapers? See my post about hybrid diapers to learn a little more about the style we chose to start with.


Organic Cotton “Ittsy bitty Teenie Greenie” towel from my Aunt Sharmie and Cousin Hannah as well as an organic cotton sheet set.


Super cute hat my Grandma had made for her, so tiny!


Best wrapping paper ever, old draft drawings from my friends hubby in her words ‘great coloring paper in a pinch.’ I love how my friends embrace my greenie ways.

It was a great party! I had 3 people (one was a whole family) who drove over an hour to be there. I’m crazy blessed and I’m glad to have these pictures to remind me of that.


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  1. Happy baby shower to you! Baby showers are the best because you get so much stuff that you don’t have to get it yourself. That’s why we waited until afterwards to buy things for the baby 🙂

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