Why I’m Green {Cleaners}

There are a lot of reasons “Why I’m Green” many of them are the typical save the planet reasons,  some of them are more selfish reasons. I thought it only made sense to let you know some of the reasons why.

There are lots of reasons I stopped using traditional cleaners, many I’ve actually learned since I stopped using them. But the first reason was purly self preservation, most ‘normal cleaners’ gave me a headache at the least and if it was a strong one I would get a migraine.

So I started switching over to Green cleaners, after I started the switch I started doing some research…. Have you ever read the warning lables on the back of your cleaners? Its scary?!?!


Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 9.34.46 PM

Tilex Soap Scum Remover and Disinfectant.

“Hazards to humans and Domestic animals…. Causes substantial but temporary eye injury. Harmful if absorbed through skin. Avoid breathing spray mist…”

How do you not breath the spray mist???


Clorox Wipes

“Hazards to humans and domestic animals… Avoid contact with eyes or clothing…”

Humm arn’t we human?

Super Clean- Degreaser

Super Clean-Degreaser

“May cause burns, harmful if swallowed or inhaled….wear rubber gloves and eye protection”

Ok so your going to use this to clean your oven and then cook your food in it? Plus you may use rubber gloves but do any of you really use eye protection?

Not sure I really need to go into anymore detail, just go look under your sink. However just incase I do here are just a few more reasons I don’t use these products in my house:

  • I don’t want any of these chemicals going down my drain and into the water supply. Mine plus all of my neighbors….makes me cringe.
  • With water being the first ingrediant in many ofthese cleaners its a waste of plastic (bottles are bigger than they need to be,) which means a waste of space shipping/storing and all of that.
  • Our bodies are not made to absorb and filter these kinds of chemicals. How do I know that? Simple they wern’t around when we were created.  I agree with the research that these kinds of products just break down our immune system over time and there for cause more illness.
  • I don’t want bleach anywhere near my child, I don’t understand how parents think its ok to clean their toys with it and then let them touch it and chew on it. Have you read that label or the MSDS (Matieral Safty Data Sheet specificly page 2)


 I’ve found a great  alternative that we use in our house and I’m trying to figure out how to dispose of all my old cleaners that are out in the garage…don’t really want to hand these off to anyone else. There are lots of options out there and I encourage you to do your own research in to what you would like to use.  If you would like to know what I use you can e-mail me at lifelovegreen at gmail dot com and I’ll clue you in. I don’t want this post to be ‘why you have to by THIS BRAND’ but I do want you encourage you to stop using toxic chemicals to clean your home.

One thought on “Why I’m Green {Cleaners}

  1. I agree with you about using cleaning products that have all those hazard warnings. I try to avoid those as much as I can since the ones in Japan uses chlorine in a lot of their cleaning products. I’m not a big fan of that smell. I’ve been trying alternative “green” products from our international markets but they do cost more but at least it’s safe (according to them).

    There is another product that I’ve read about in one of the blogs I follow that I’m really curious about. It’s called e-cloth (http://www.ecloth.com/) and according to their website, their clothes can clean with just water and chemicals are not necessary. The blog that mentioned this product also agrees that the e-clothes clean amazingly well with just water. Too bad they don’t ship outside of the US but since we’re visiting California in June, I’m going to make sure that I order a few of these to bring back with me 🙂

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