The ‘Bad Eating Cycle’

I feel better when I eat ‘real food’ I have more energy, more focus and all of that. Heck I even sleep better!

This weekend I didn’t eat over the top bad I would say it was about 50/50 which is pretty good for traveling…however, I’ve been eating about 25% bad 75% good for the last few months and this ratio is not good…. that means out of every 4 meals I eat one of them is not great. Since at least one of those meals is breakfast which is super simple and another is lunch which should be leftovers….I’m not doing to good at supper.

Its a cycle you see, I don’t make supper so I go out or make something quick, this leads to no left-overs for the next day which means I either do a frozen dinner (we have the better options for these) or order out. Then all of this ‘bad food’ in a row makes me tired so I don’t want to cook again…and on and on it goes…

 Its also hard because processed foods have a lot of sugar which releases dopamine in your body which make you feel good for a while…till its gone and then you start the cycle all over again because your body craves that dopamine hit.

This is a hard cycle to break, it takes planning (meaning you need to have food in your house and have an idea of what you want to cook) time and energy.  But you can do it and so can I. We are going to take the next  few weeks to break these bad habits together.

This week the first step have healthy food in the house. So tonight I go shopping.

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