Running while pregnant.

Not to sound concited or anything but this post is about ME! What is working for me, what my Midwives have approved might not work for you so PLEASE check with your Doctor/Midwife for exercise recomendations during your pregnancy.

Spring is here and with it comes the desire to be outside and RUN! Heck just the desire to be outside and do anything really…. I’ve been trying to maintain a level of fitness through out the cold winter months so that when this day came I could increase my running  just a little bit. We aren’t talking training for a race here just a bit more time pounding the pavement.

Early in my pregnancy my mileage went WAY down, between cold/ice/tiredness and distaste of treadmills I was down to once  a week if I was lucky. As the pregnancy went on and I got some of my energy back my fitness level increased again.

1st Tri 2-4 miles per week with weeks off (Weeks 46-52 on the graph) Week 47 had a 7 mile race.

2nd Tri 3-5 miles per week with a week off here and there  (Weeks 1-15 on the graph)

3rd Tri Just started so no average yet (Weeks 16-17 on the graph)

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 3.47.42 PM

The major thing that changed is my fequency of running, at the end of my 2nd trimester I switched brands of prenatel vitamens and with in 2 weeks notice improvement in my energy level at a time where ‘they’ say my energy level will be going down.

Here are some things I have changed about my running habits to keep healthy and make sure not to hurt/pull/strain anything.

  • The bigger I get the more I use my shoes built for stability I’m currently using the Asics 2170s love! Hint Hint they just rebranded so they are on super sale some places, like here.
  • I’ve shortened my runs.
  • I’ve cut some hills from my routes, not all hills just some.
  • I’ve slowed my pace about 1-2 min per mile depending on distance, the farther I go the slower I run.
  • I do a cool down….I know its bad but I never really did before.
  • I keep up with my yoga on off days.
  • I’ve gotten better at doing weights, just once a week but hey its better.

I hope these hints help some of you soon to be mamas!

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