Thoughts on Thursday {Marriage is hard}

Marriage is a wonderful, amazing thing, but its also hard, really hard sometimes.

This isn’t going to be a long post today, because we all know what I’m saying. But sometimes its nice to hear that other people feel the same thing you do and your not the only one.

Marriage is the best choice I’ve ever made, but there are times its also the hardest. Going through cancer and losing my first Husband, hard.  Learning ‘how to live’ with my second husband when I was already so set in my ways, hard.  We all come into marriage as individuals and have to learn how to function as a couple. This takes time an patience. Its not all hard, in fact if your lucky like me most of its ‘easy,’ but it is hard sometimes and that is ok.

One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday {Marriage is hard}

  1. I don’t think marriage should be too hard or too easy otherwise there will always be fights or couples will get bored of each other really quickly. It does require effort on both sides for it to work. I think each couple just needs to find that right balance that will work in their relationship.

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