Dreaming of races….

Aghhh, there are so many good races out there right now and with spring teasing us up here in MN (teasing meaning yesterday morning was sunny and beautiful and last night we got 5+ inches of snow. I’ve got the itch.

I’m so glad I signed up for my Be Strong virtual race in May, I hope I can somehow complete the series this year…we shall see.

I thought this year I would be doing the full Monster Series here in town, and then I was hoping to do the Expedition Everest Challenge at Disney on May 4th to celebrate my 30th birthday. Well after Mac and I decided to try to start our family I decided not to sign up for that. It would have been an expensive race to miss…turns out that was a good decision.

Here are the races I’m still hoping to do this year and ones I’m dreaming of for 2014. Does anyone else have a race wish list?

  • October 26th (Approx 2.5 months post baby) The Monster Dash Which distance is TBD I’m guessing just the 5k though.
  • January 1 2014 (4.4 months post baby) Polar Dash 10k (If I”m going to do the next one I’ve got to do this!
  • February 2nd 2014 (5.5 months post baby)  Surf City USA 1/2 marathon.  I’ve got to decide this one soon registration is already open…
  • My Dream race A Disney Cruise and 5k in July of 2014….

Beyond that who knows I”m sure I’ll try to do the Monster Series again but with a baby everything will be different…. For now I”m going to just keep on running as long as I can, my hope is at least till June 15th.  Yesterdays 2.6 Miles felt great and I’m sure as it warms up I’ll get in some longer/stronger runs.

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