Earth Day Resolutions

Good Morning everyone, Happy Earth Day.

Like I said on Friday, this year I want us all to focus on how we can do just 1 thing more eco-friendly or sustainably than we did last year. I want you to pick something you really can do so don’t tell me your going to start a farm and grow 75% of your food on your land if you live in an apartment building. Think through your day what is something you do often, waste often that you could change? Below I’ll have a few ideas for you but first my resolution:

Baby Greenie! I want to be as green as I can with this baby. Its a big one yes, but so is a baby…. Here are the steps I’m taking for now and some we plan on taking:

  • Hybrid cloth Diapers
  • Buying as much as we can used (umm is Just Between Friends in your state? If it is check it out its amazing! Follow up post about JBF Wednesday)
  • Not buying EVERYTHING. There are a lot of gidgets and gadgets you can buy for a baby, I want to only buy what I will actually use. If that means a little more laundry and dishes that is fine with me.
  • Breastfeeding-Another post for another time but think how much less waste this is!
Now some ideas for you:
Use less:
  • Use less paper and plastic bags by bringing your own re-useable bags to the store/farmers market/anywhere you leave with stuff.
  • Use less one time use cups by bringing your own to your favorite coffee house, most will use them. Bonus many will give you a discount!
  • Use less plastic silverware by buying a set or two of reusable utensils and brining them with you. My favorites are To-go Ware (sale see below.)
Around the House:
  • Switch to a greener cleaner, make your own, buy all natural AND concentrated whichever fits your needs.
  • Turn off the lights, its seems simple but in my family we like light and tend to leave them on…don’t.
  • Turn down (or up) the thermostat a few degrees and use less energy, plus save some $$.
  • Figure out who drives the farthest to work and have them drive the vehicle with the best mileage.

What you eat:
  • Buy sustainably and local if you can
  • Support restaurants that encourage green and sustainable practices.
  • Eat at home more, then you can control what is in your food.

Earth Day Deals

I’ll post more as I find them but sadly this is all I’ve seen…


Green Baby

  • Cloth Diapers- Gro-Via is having a 20% off sale on almost everything on their site (excluding package deals) April 20-22. Just head on over to their web site.

Green Home

  • Reuseable Straws- Strawsome has a coupon going through April 24th. Use promo code EARTH2013 to save $10.00 off of a purchase of $35.00 or more.
  • Reusable Utensil sets and much more!- 20% everything at till April 30th  promo code Earth20
So what is your earth day resolution?


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