Earth day is on its way!

Hi guys, well its 7:00 AM my time and there is a lot going on in the news…I’m not ignoring it this post was just already to go. Also just like on Tuesday I might need a little time to process before I say anything. #prayforboston

Yeah, yeah I know its a super lame rhyme but it just kinda happend as I was typing. Please forgive me…

Anyway I’ve been a bad greenie and not talked much about Earth Day this year, Life has been pretty busy around here and FULL OF SNOW. I accosiate Earth Day with growth and grass, not snow, so I don’t think my brain fully believed it was coming.

This year I’m going to encourage you all to make a ‘Earth Day Resolution’ its like a new years resolution but honestly I want it to be easier. I want you to choose something you can really commit to this year. Maybe its something as simple as buying a re-useable bottle and then using it, maybe it way more advanced and you want to add solar power to your home. Whatever it is just make it possiable.

To hold you over till Monday I’m going to start listing the coupons and sales I hear about for eco-friendly items for Earth Day. Check back often to see additional deals and feel free to add your own in the comments below!

Green Baby

  • Cloth Diapers- Gro-Via is having a 20% off sale on almost everything on their site (excluding package deals) April 20-22. Just head on over to their web site.

Green Home

  • Reuseable Straws- Strawsome has a coupon going through April 24th. Use promo code EARTH2013 to save $10.00 off of a purchase of $35.00 or more.


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