Praying for Boston


I blog about a lot of things, Faith, Marriage, Living Green and running. Running has become such a large part of my life I can’t even express the good it has done for me. Today the sport that I love was hit by an bomb, literally. I just went for a 2 mile run without music just praying to God for those who are affected. Out of respect for those involved Life, Love, Green is doing the following:

  • Joining up with Girls Gone Healthy and wearing a finishers shirt to work tomorrow (under my professional attire,) and one tonight.
  • All of my runs this week will be headphone free and I will spend that time praying.
  • I’m not posting again until Wednesday to show some respect for all of my running blogger buddies who are affected.
  • Because of this ‘day off’ from posting I’m extending my giveaway 1 extra day. 
For more information, see here for the site of the information and follow your favorite news site for the most recent information. Here is a google person finder that has been set up to help people connect with those they know/love in Boston.

3 comments on “Praying for Boston

  1. I am so saddened by this whole thing. I cannot seem to fathom who would do this. When will it stop? I’m going to run all of my races for a month with the boston colors somewhere on me (since I don’t own clothing with boston colors).

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