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Hey guys here are a few more posts from the last two weeks over at my Baby blog Love, Green, Baby.

At the bean in Chicago last weekend....I hate posing, ignore the dumb grin.

The Emotional Side of Pregnancy {Overwhelming Emotion}

I don’t think I’ve had any crazy moments that I can blame on hormones so far, but I’ve had a few mild ones. I’ve also had ALOT of amazing moments with this pregnancy. Here is a little post with my thoughts on the matter.

Week 26 Bumpdate

Week 25 Bumpdate

The Emotional Side of Pregnancy (Weight Gain Pt 2) 

Gaining weight can be emotional for anyone, but I just lost 25lbs within the last year and must admit gaining it back has been a bit emotional for me. Check out part 2 of this journey as well as Part 1 if you want.

Week 24 Bumpdate

This post not only has one of my favorite moments of the week but one of my favorite moments of the whole pregnancy so far!

Shopping for Maternity Clothes the green and cheap way.

Yeah I think that is pretty clear ^^

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