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I’ve seen and heard a lot about compression socks since I started running, but I didn’t really get interested in them till I was pregnant.  About 1 month ago I noticed that I just wasn’t recovering after runs like I always have. My calves were feeling runs the next day, just generally tired and heavy and sometimes cramping. These are all things I’ve honestly never dealt with unless I was running over 10 miles.  Blah. After a little research in to ‘those compression sock things I’ve heard about” I found that sure enough they are great for recovery, why? Its pretty simple really they stimulate blood flow, helping your legs recover faster, bringing more oxygen to your muscles are always a good thing.

So I e-mailed Pro Compression to see if they would work with me on a review and giveaway, they said yes and quick as can be a hot pink pair of their Marathon Socks arrived in my mail box. I started wearing them as recovery only meaning after runs. Honestly since I only one pair I wanted to get a lot of use from them and sweating in them would mean washes and washes mean I don’t get to wear them. They felt great I could literally feel min legs start to tingle instead of ache, I couldn’t believe it!

Not to much later I had a day where my legs were so tired from heels at work that I couldn’t even fathom a run when I got home, but I decided to go for one anyway with my new socks on. I won’t lie it wasn’t my most comfortable run, HOWEVER  I made it through 2 miles which I never would have without them. here is the exact quote from Daily Mile that day. Check out that pace!!!!

” 2 miles with a dirty dog 😀 #sweatpink 2 mi 00:23 11:30 pace

Great run but I’m ready for non snowy trails! First run with my #procompression socks felt great!”

These lovely socks are also highly recommended during pregnancy. They can help with swelling, vein problems, circulation issues and are great for flying!

I have a special deal for you all, a coupon deal for Pro Compression Socks 40% off!!!  Just use the code  BLG13

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36 comments on “Giveaway {Pro Compression Socks}

  1. Oh man, I would love love LOVE a pair of those – the brighter the better but these pink ones look awesome 😉

  2. I love compression socks 🙂 I own several pairs since they’re quite popular here. I especially love wearing them when we fly since it keeps my legs from getting all twitchy during the 11 hour flight back and forth California. I know that they are really good for pregnant women too since the baby puts pressure on the spine which can lead to poor blood circulation to the legs. I know that the doctor had me wear them to help with the swelling in my feet towards the end. I’m glad you like wearing them too!

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