Spring outdoor tile/decoration

Well they tell me that spring is here…. I don’t believe them, I live in Minnesota.


Last weekend I made a spring outdoor tile to decorate the empty flower box near my front door.  Personally I think one of the hardest parts of any project like is gathering the words or phrases to use, you need soo many! So to help you out a little here is my list from this project:

April Showers, May Flowers, Fresh Air, Blooming, Renewal, Butterflies, Puddles,

Umbrella, Sunshine, Grow, Green, Grass,Colorful, Tulip, New Life, Rainbow,

Breeze, Rain, Spring, Blue Skies, Daffodils, Lilacs, Galoshes, Birds, Bumble Bee

1. I cut out lines of words in 3 colors, I made sure each line was about 11.75 inches wide to cover the whole 12 inch tile. I also made sure to have different fonts for each line and each color. Hint: If you don’t have many fonts do some in all UPPERCASE it makes them look like a different font (see the center purple line.)

2. Then I weeded the cutouts and covered them in transfer tape.


3. I used a paper cutter to slice them in to strips and the put them in the order I wanted on the tile rotating colors.


4. Then its as simple as peeling off your ‘stickers’ and placing them on the tile. I HIGHLY suggest starting with your center line and building out from there.


5. Thats it all done!


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