Thoughts on Thursday {Paying the Bills}

So after 3 1/2 years of marrige we had a revalation this weekend. If something happened to me (hurt, hospital or worse) Mac wouldn’t know how to pay the bills. Not meaning incapable, meaning how, as in what website do I use to pay the mortgage, what is the username and password for our credit card, that kind of stuff.

We talk weekly at least about our budget, where we stand upcoming bills, ¬†expenses and such so its not that he is out of the loop. Its just we figured out long ago that its easier for 1 person to make sure everything gets paid so that things don’t get missed.

So yesterday I made a ‘working list’ I made a shareable document in Google Drive that said what bills are paid when and how (ie website, bill pay through the bank and all of that.) Plus we discussed how and where (NOT IN THE SPREEDSHEET PEOPLE!) I would keep a record of my current usernames and passwords for these places so that if something happened he would be able to log in and take care of the bills.

Simple, easy to update and one less worry. Do you have a back up plan for making sure your bills get paid?



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