Green Baby {Types of Cloth Diapers}

I’m trying not to have this blog become baby centric, but the fact is its a big part of my life right now and many of my ‘green decisions.’ One of the things Mac and I have decicded is we are going to do some form of cloth diapering. Today I wanted to let you know about the different cloth diaper types out there.

Cloth Diapers have come a long way since my parents used them. No more pins! But there are MANY more options. Once you have decided you want to use cloth diapers its just the begining…now you have to decide what type or types you want to use. In this post I’m just going to let you know a basic overview about the major kinds.


Pre-Folds are the most ‘traditional sort of cloth diaper, using a snappi or some other pin alternative (or a pin if you want) you use a regular old cloth diaper with a protective waterproof cover over the top. This is basicly the old fashion style that scared a lot of people away from cloth because it was hard to get them to fit well and not have leaks. However if you can do it its proably the cheapest way. I found them on Amazon 10 for $19.99 and covers 3 for $6.50 for basic pull on and $5.00 for fancy. But you don’t need many of the covers becaue you can re-use them for each change.

Pre-Folds (all photos are linked to their source)

Diaper Cover (Thirsties Brand)

Fitted Cloth Diaper

This is a mix of the old and new. The cloth diaper part is still just cloth but it is cut and ‘fit’ like a disposable. Plus you can stuff them for more absorbency if needed (over night,car trips, out on the town.) However they still require a cover since they are just cloth and not waterproof. Again the covers can be reused until soiled so you need fewer of them. You have to use a new fitted diaper each change though and that can get expensive, They are anywhere from 13.00-20.00 each on Amazon and then you need a few covers as well.

Fitted Diaper (Kissaloves brand) notice its only cloth.

Hybrid or All in 2 Diaper (AI2)

There are many versions of this diaper, its basicly a fancy cover that you can either fill with a disposable insert or a cloth insert. Its very similer to a pre-fold except that the inserts are cut to shape. There are TONS of optons though, the inserts can just lay in, snap in, or have a sticky tab. They can be flat or have gussets sewen in to help hold in the pee/poo. The shells are $10-$20 and can be reused often ans then washed when they are soiled. Inserts are a large range from $8 for two to $18 for two. Disposables range from $5.95 for 18 to $20 for 50 depending on the brand.

All in 2 Diaper notice the removeable insert on top.

Pocket Diapers

These are covers that you stuff, the major benefit being you can stuff as much or as little as you want. The down fall being you have to wash both the insert and the diaper every time. These can range from $5-$25.00 each for the diaper plus whatever you want to stuff them with.

Pocket Diaper notice the insert is ‘inside.’

All in Ones (AI1)

These are just what they say, everything in one, no stuffing no inserts nothing, just put them on and wash them inbetween each use. I’ve seen these from $13-$20 each.

All in One Diaper nothing to stuff or fold use as is.

So do you feel overwhelmed yet? I hope to gather a collection and do a video myself showing you these veriations but for now check out this video:

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  1. We use gDiapers. I got a great deal on them on when I was pregnant, and then I started buying the covers when I found them on sale (Amazon, and even ebay.) I like them because we can use disposable inserts that biodegrade so much faster than regular diapers, but we can also use the cloth inserts with them. They’re super easy to use, and we don’t have to wash the covers often, unless they get dirty (which is not often.) They’re easy enough for our daycare to use them and I haven’t had any complaints from others who have to change our little guy!

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