Cross Training for Pregnancy

Cross training is important for any athlete, or exerciser (is that a word? spell check thinks so.) Last summer I probably ran far too much without any strength training, bad Amber, I was pretty good at keeping up with yoga though and I think that helped a lot.

However with this pregnancy I’ve definitely seen the error or my ways. Not only because I can’t run as much (it wears me out!) but also because I ache/hurt more than I ever have. Not to mention the thought of pushing out a child make me want to be as strong as I possibly can be.

This is why you have noticed my mileage go down the last few months, but what you may not see (if your following me on daily mile) is that I”m doing strength training at least once a week and yoga 1-2 times a week.  This has helped my body so much. The last 3 weeks I’ve been working a few extra hours at work and just didn’t have the energy to strength train and I noticed, after the first week my back was soo sore and my mood was getting much worse.

This weekend however there were no extra hours at work so I made sure to hit the gym and get in my weights. I also took one day where I normally would have run and did yoga instead. After a restful weekend I’m feeling so much better physically and mentally. Here is what last week looked like:

1 hour 33 minutes of exercise

2 runs- 2 miles and .65 miles for 33 min

30 min yoga

30 min weights

Ideally I would like to have more miles than that, but if I have to sacrifice miles to keep me healthy enough to run then that is how it is.


I have a fair amount of experience with the vinyasa style of yoga so this DVD  was a perfect fit for me. I wouldn’t suggest you just start a new class at your gym unless its targeted to prenatal (which most gyms do not have.) There are some moves you shouldn’t do while pregnant.  There are yoga studios who offer specialized classes as well. This video is great and if you watch all the alterations before your first time and follow the 3rd trimester moves I think it would be good even for a beginner.  Most importantly don’t buy just any old video make sure you get a recommendation from someone who knows, someone who has done prenatal yoga themselves and has been doing a regular practice before that.  I would hate for anyone to get a ‘prenatal’ DVD where the instructor didn’t know what they were doing.  *Also remember to check with your doctor/midwife.*

Strenth training

I’m doing a combination of arms and legs. I’m not doing any focused ab work (crunches, twists) but I’m making sure that I”m using proper posture and supporting my core during all of my reps which by default works my abs. *Again always check with your doctor/midwife* 


I just want to run! The snow is still preventing me from doing anything over 3 miles outside…and I can’t go over 3 miles on a treadmill hate those things…but I’m still working it. More  low mileage runs are my goal. For the most part I want to stay ahead in my ‘mental training’ you know the part when your brain tells you to stop but you evaluate how your feeling (legs, arms, whole body) and realize that physically your fine its just your brain telling you to stop. This in my opinion is going to be MAJOR for labor.

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