Thoughts on Thursday {Random Thoughts}

I can’t narrow down my thoughts this week to 1 specific topic. So I thought I would just go ahead and spit out all the random things I’m thinking of.

  • Sometimes life isn’t perfect, we have to roll with it. Sometimes our spouse isn’t perfect, that’s ok too.
  • Marriage is about teamwork. Everything is a little give and take.
  • If something seems wrong, ask, if they say nothing trust them.
  • If something is wrong and your spouse asks you whats up TELL THEM don’t say ‘nothing.’ They can’t be expected to read your mind and that is not fair.
  • Don’t talk down your spouse, if something is wrong and you need to talk to someone that is fine, and healthy. If your just nagging and complaining it affects your attitude and perception of them. Not to mention others. I wouln’t want someone constantly talking bad about me, would you?
  • Point out the positives.

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