Get Lucky 7k 2013

 7k Race at 22 weeks pregnant? Ok no problem!

Meagan, Myself and Sarah (Not my best look….)

This is my 2nd time running this 7k and although it was significantly slower than last year  it was a great day. As for the slower speed well there are LOTS of reasons for that:

  • This year the race was 40 degrees cooler than last year….not even kidding.
  • Umm Pregnant?
  • Ice on the roads.
  • Pacing Meagan for her first race above 5k!!! (Remember this girl? So far she has run The Color Run, Monster 5k and the Polar Dash with me.
  • Meagan was not feeling well this day.
With that last point being said Meagan set another PR!!

 It was her fastest mile, I have a feeling she will be beating this every race she does from here on, at least for this season.  Her new mile PR is 12:36!

It was a road race with icy patches, if the crowd was thin the ice would have been easy to avoid but in the thick of it there was no weaving around it so we had to shuffle and walk over it. Once again Meagan ran the first mile solid woo hoo! Our plan was to do .25/.75 walk/run for the remainder of the race but Meagan wasn’t feeling well and so there was a bit more walking than normal.  This is a pretty good course there are a few small hills but nothing crazy. Running through down town Minneapolis is always a run with a view.

Lots of great fans along the way but my favorite sign by far was in the last mile and it said “Run Stranger, Run!”

Well another one in the books, most likely my last one for a while….I’m thinking my first post baby run will be in October…guess we shall see.



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