Baby, Baby!

Here are a few posts from my other blog from the past few weeks. Just in case you wanted to catch up on the life of Baby Apple šŸ˜‰ photo photo_zps62673b81.jpg

Week 22 Bumpdate

Baby Registry {Bottle Research}

I did a fair amount of research to try and find a few good and greenĀ bottle options to start with. I wanted a bottle that would support breastfeeding not replace it. I also preferred to use a glass bottle, but at the very least BPA free. This post is about what I found in that research.

What am I eating/not eating while pregnant

There is a lot of advice out there about what you should eat and what you should avoid while pregnant. If you did an Internet search on pretty much anything you could find someone telling you not to eat it. This just talks a little bit about what I really am avoiding and why, as well as the things I’m eating anyway.

One thought on “Baby, Baby!

  1. I love seeing your baby bump! So excited for you! I haven’t used a bottle yet with Kaylie so I don’t have any input to help you. Even with Ellie, we waited until I had to go back to work before we got a bottle. That was when she was already one years old so the bottle was a bit different since she wasn’t happy with having to eat from a bottle. If you ever have any questions or want another persons opinion, you can always send me an email and I’ll try my best to share my experiences.

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