Thoughts on Thursday {Every Breath, Every Heartbeat}


I know it sounds silly but I love waking up and just listening to Mac breath. Nice steady, regular breathing. Its peacful to me… The mornings when I wake up and notice it I take a few extra min to thank God for bringing him to me. 

I do the same thing when we are snuggeling or taking a nap and I’m laying on his chest. I hear his heartbeat steady and strong. Thank you God for that heart, Thank you God for this Man.

I pray that none of you loose a spouse to early, but take it to someone who has. Cherish every breath, every hearbeat. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger. Don’t let a day go by without saying I Love You. Live with no regrests. Live in a dirty house and go out on a date.

Cherish every breath, every heartbeat. 

2 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday {Every Breath, Every Heartbeat}

  1. My heart breaks for you and for my sister every time I think about the difficulties you go through when you lose a spouse. I agree that we need to treasure everyday that we have with our spouse. Thanks for the reminder. I know I treasure every day that I have with Jason, even with 2 kids driving us nuts we manage to sneak a moment in where we just hug each other.

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