Food = Fuel

Sometimes I like to convince myself that a little indulgence here and there won’t hurt me. Most of the time that is true, however I have a problem with the ‘little’ part.  I have a little sugar, I want more. I eat a few crackers and go back and eat 1/2 the box. I have one McDonalds french fry and I’m craving them for days….

When I was trying to loose weight it was easier to avoid these ‘extras’ they were simply extra calories in my mind. However now I’m not afraid of calories, in fact I need more calories these days. Not double or eating for two but more than before.

This weekend was tough, the fridge was pretty much empty, no protein at all and we didn’t have time to go shopping till yesterday (Sunday.) Going out or picking up dinner was a much easier decision. There are ways to do that and stay healthy but not around us. Unfortunately all the restaurants that are in driving distance to pick something up or have it delivered are greasy un-healthy joints. Applebees, Domino’s, McDonalds and Taco Bell just to name a few.

Thursday was a long day at work for the hubby, he was supposed to cook and I forgot to pick up chicken on the way home. I surprised him with delivery pizza for him and our friends, pasta (from domino’s) for me. Friday I can’t even remember, Saturday I had McDonalds for lunch since I was in a rush and fries sounded good, and then Vietnamese food for dinner. Not the healthy stuff we get downtown, the greasy stuff we get at the place near us. Sunday was breakfast out with the in laws, and at night was our left over Vietnamese…

I’m feeling it today, even though I had plenty of sleep most of the weekend (one bad night) I’m tired, my legs are heavy and my eyes are drooping. I’m sooo glad I’m only working 4 hours today( Monday.)

All this leads to one thing, food is fuel. If you fill yourself with junk your going to run out of energy and mental stamina way before if your eating good clean food. Keeping all of the real food groups as part of your daily diet is what you need to keep running efficiently. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein.

Is there more to it than that? Sure. Is that a great place to start? YES! Cut out as much un-healthy dining out as you can.

Need anymore convincing about processed foods check out this artical on Food Matters: Top 10 Food Additives to Avoid.


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