ABC ‘Stickers’

I guest posted at the Expressions Vinyl Blog on Monday and wanted to share my projects with you as well!

So how many of you think ABC stickers are a waste?? I do, you never have the color you want, you run out of the letters you need and then you just have to buys more. Not anymore its as simple as a stash of vinyl and a few ABC fonts for whatever kind of cutter you have and magic, ABC stickers. Don’t forget to always check my right sidebar for coupon codes 😉

Here are just 2 projects I did this week where I would have run out of letters real quick trying to do the same word over and over. Not to mention all the fun different fonts. Plus when you cut out the vinyl you can use Transfer tape to place the stickers exactly where you want. photo 8d153d6b-6747-45c6-a10e-7f48ce86fe68_zpsc9410d8e.jpgWe found out last week if we were expecting a boy or girl, I had a card ready for the hubby for either situation.
 photo eb58cfb4-ad0b-41dd-836d-605426ed5488_zpse9145d46.jpg photo 6501381e-aca7-4997-8282-2a3128f03384_zpsdd7278fc.jpg

Want to know what it was? More ‘stickers’ helped with our photo  announcement.

 photo c7ab66e2-ff0d-49a6-88d5-45413eb4af4f_zpsc05d193e.jpgTo see our announcement or the nursery  and to see why I made these color choices, check out my blog!


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