Thoughts on Thursday {Date Night Check In}

I’m happy to say that in Febuary we had two dedicated date nights and one ‘regular night out’ that felt like a date. 

We  went out  for valentines day of course but a few days early and with a discounted gift card!  I like that we are being $$ smart with our dates! It was a great night with minimal phone intrusion but keeping a conversation was still awkward… I hate that.

The next one was a hole in the way hot dog place, one of our favorites but we aren’t there to often for obvious health reasons (ummm hot dogs, fries and malts are not healthy all, but they are yummy!) This one felt like dating again, the atmosphere was great the staff was joking with us and we didn’t want to leave when the food was gone. Plus I think Mac’s phone came out once!

The next time out was to a Mongolian stir fry place, I would say this has been a craving of mine and we had both had a rough (BUSY) day at work. The phones never came out, we talked the whole time, and it was exactly what we both needed.

Now I can’t wait till it warms up and our dates turn to things like walks, visiting the art park and other such non-food things.


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