How to pick a green cleaner.

Green cleaners have always been a sticking point in my house. Hubby isn’t against them he just wants them to work….and who can blame him?

I’ve found one that works well for everyday surfaces and another for wood but not one for the bathroom or kitchen surfaces. I want something that I know is going to take care of harmful bactiera, but is still as green as it can be. I’ve tried a few homemade recipies and so far just haven’t found one that satisfied me.

Recently I found a new line that I’m VERY satisfied with but I don’t want to preach brand names here I just want to let you know what I think you should look for in a green cleaner. The new products I’m using are green in the following ways:

  • Made out of all or mostly natural products.
  • They are all super concentrated, so there is less plastic in the packaging.
  • The packaging is all recyclable.
  • All fragrances are natural (i.e. lemon scented has lemons in it not a chemical that smells like lemons.)

On top of all of this IT WORKS! I think these 4 things above are items you should look for in ANY green product you use, not just the brand I use, see no brand preaching here 😉  I’m so excited to have made the switch to ALL green cleaners in our house. No more nasty chemicals in the kitchen or bath!

If you want to know more about the brand I’ve chosen you can e-mail me at lifelovegreen at gmail dot com 

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