Low Miles

 This winter has been a whole bunch of new for my training, not just the pregnancy but snow! Last winter was really mild compared to this year. There have been MANY weeks where outdoor running was just plain not safe so it didn’t happen.  I’m not going to lie I was getting really disheartened. However when I did a little math and compared the last 2 years I felt a little better. Here is 2013:

Here was 2012:

  • Jan 17
  • Feb 21
  • March 27
There is a big difference, but there are some reasons too baby, ice, and snow. I hope that over the next few months milage goes up. Maybe not longer runs but more of them. I’ve kept my activity level up in other ways at the gym so I think it will all work out. My main goal is to keep in good enough shape to run a 1/2 marathon in February of 2014.
As I write this however mother nature is aginst me. Snow is falling and threatening to accumulate 8-12 inches by the time it stops today. I have a 7k race in a week and 4 days and I’m just hoping to get in a a run or 4 before that….

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