Thoughts on Thursday {Experience Life Together}

Everyday life is amazing, and far too often we take it for granted. In my short 29 years I’ve learned that not everyday is a given. At 24 and after only 5 short years of marriage I lost my first husband to cancer.  He was diagnosed at 21 and we quickly started making the most out of everyday memories. Working on our house together, weekend trips back to ‘the lake’ (where I grew up and we spent most of our dating time) as much as possible and date nights around town. We knew that we didn’t have much time and we wanted to make the most of it.

Now however is different, I don’t have that  fear of losing Mac hanging over my head every day (granted it is tucked away somewhere deep back in my brain.) Its easy to get complacent, to take things for granted. We try really hard to just enjoy life together. Sitting on the couch watching hockey (one of our favorite things) cooking together, working on the house (one of his least favorite things) just everyday stuff.

We enjoy the big things too our cruise last summer, paintball trips, birthdays and holidays. However I don’t want to get so focused on the next big thing and miss the every day.


2 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday {Experience Life Together}

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your loss. It is very, very hard to push fears aside and just live in the moment. But when we can do that, that’s when we really are living! You can do it 🙂

  2. I always love your Thoughts on Thursday posts. They make me pause and think about how lucky I am to have a partner like Jason. Like you, I don’t always have a fear of losing Jason. I was worried about it when he was first diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis but since he is doing better, I’m not as worried.

    My sister’s situation makes me worry more about what life will be like if I lost Jason though. Every time I see her and hear her talk about watching my brother-in-law slowly succumb to his disease makes me feel like I’m taking what I have for granted and so I try to enjoy everyday with Jason as much as possible.

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