Going green means research

So I have a lot I want to talk to you guys about over the next few weeks, things I want to learn and then share about….however this takes research. So many ‘green things’ are easy:

  • Buy Less
  • Recycle
  • Buy Recycled Products
  • Buy Local
  • Eat fresh

But some things take research, what is the most effective and still green/healthy household cleaner? Is aluminium in deodorant really bad for you? Does fluoride help or hurt? These are just a few things I’m doing a little research on and plan to share with you over the next couple of weeks.

Just yesterday I learned that the pre-shredded cheese you buy in the store had a additive that kept it from clumping… I figured their had to be something special but I didn’t know what. Luckily with the cheese I buy its a starch not a chemical but do I really need potato starch on my cheese?

Do you have any green rumors you have been wondering about? Maybe you had a question that was answered?

Let me know!

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