Running PSA {Clear your Sidewalks}

So this weekend I had a great time with my family ‘down south.’ It was my younger brothers 28th birthday and I got to go down and just hang out, eat good food and bowl with him to celebrate. It was a lot of fun!

I was also a good girl and brought my running gear so I could get in a run Saturday morning. I just wanted a short one, we had lots to do maybe 1.5 miles which is 2 times around the neighborhood. All was well and dandy until the far corner. Then I ran into this:

Now I know this dosen’t seem like a big deal but it is, this business had the corner lot so it was this way all around the corner for about a 1/2 a block. That snow means two things injury and road running.  If you want to avoid injury you run on the road, sometimes this is ok, most of the time not.

See runners go on the edge of the road to stay out of the way. In the winter the edge is the least plowed so we have to move farther on to the road, not good even in a neighborhood. However here this corner turns on to a major road…grr. I had to stop at the coner and watch for cars before I turned and its a good thing I did! I had to wait for a nice gap to turn on to and so that other cars had time to see me and move over.

So please clear your sidewalks!

3 comments on “Running PSA {Clear your Sidewalks}

  1. YES! It’s so unsafe to leave snow on the sidewalks and unfortunately none of my neighbors understand that 🙁 It’s getting worse with the snow melting and then freezing each night – so icy out!

  2. So important!

    This is a big problem where I live too, so everyone runs/walks in the road. It’s not great, but what else are you going to do?

    Thanks for linking up to Saturday Night Stars. I’m glad I got to read your post. Hope you’ll join us again next week!

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