Boy or Girl?

Here are the guesses from my friends, lets see what wins out from their guesses:

Sarah- Girl

Meagan- Boy (to even the playing field)


Kami- Girl


Me- Boy

Just to name a few…. and the verdict is????


Just for fun here we are finding out:

2 comments on “Boy or Girl?

  1. Yay! A girl! I’m so happy for you guys 🙂 Sorry its been so long since I’ve visited. It’s been an interesting month with a newborn AND a preschooler. Soon you’ll get to experience life with a newborn too! You’re going to love raising a girl. And I just know that Mac is going to be the over protective dad. I know that after we had Ellie, Jason became the type of dad who would stare down any little boy who dared to look at her 🙂

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