Painting the Nursery

Well guys the Nursery is painted and I LOVE IT! This is pretty much going to be a picture post but I’ll talk you through some of the less obvious things.

Lessons learned Frog Tape Rocks! Pre paint your small stripes to avoid double taping and don’t glue down your chair rail. More lessons to come I’m sure.

Guest Room Before
Removed all the Wall Paper and Patched up...they glued on the chair rail....
Hint for after removing wall paper, use two water bowls one with plain water to rinse your rag and then one with vinegar to wash the walls. This will keep the vinegar one clear of wallpaper residue.


I measured the wall and drew out the stripes so I knew exactly what was going on. 18" 5" 9" 5" then start again. Totaling 92 inches above the baseboard.
Then I marked off the center of each of the white stripes and painted 3 inches to either side of the mark. Making a 6 inch white stripe. This way I didn't have to tape off the stripes twice!

Then we used a quilting grid (the large clear rulers) to mark off the rest of the stripes and made sure the pencil lines were on the INSIDE where they would be covered by paint. Now you can see that the white stripes are already done!
Now just follow the plan and paint your stripes. We use frog tape I HIGHLY recommend it. We pressed it down with a credit card and got a perfect seal! I'm serious these stripes and the ceiling were dreamy perfect!
A few touch ups where we didn't seal the tape in the corners. (Do seal it down with a credit card then it looks perfect.)
After Closet Wall
After view from the door.
All Done!


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5 comments on “Painting the Nursery

  1. Oh, wow! I adore this!!! So fabulous. I love, love the way it came out. You did such a good job.

    Thank you so much for linking to Saturday Night Stars. I’m sorry it’s taken me a whole week to get here and see it. Makes me want to paint stripes in my house.

    Hope you’ll join us again tomorrow for Saturday Night Stars.

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