Book Review {Dead Blow Hammer}

Dead Blow Hammer

Genere: Fiction (Mystery)

Pages: 171

Author: Steve George

 Dead Blow Hammer (A Handy Mann Novel)

From the Book Jacket:

Jim Mann is a homebody. While he trades grain commodities out of his house in a western suburb of Minneapolis, he spends most of his time helping his neighbors. If they ask, he helps. If they don’t ask, he offers. Everyone on Barbosa Street thinks of him as Handy.

It would have been a peaceful life if he hadn’t trusted his neighbors. If he hadn’t traded home repair work for Bo Stinson’s accounting expertise. If he hadn’t fallen for Gustav Olson’s long-lost daughter. If he hadn’t, in true DIY stubbornness, tried to do it all himself.

Dead Blow Hammer tells the story of how one misstep—in this case, the first step on the stairway to Angie Stinson’s bedroom—drew Handy Mann into a life-or-death struggle with evil he never imagined could be so close at hand, a struggle he will need every tool in his toolbox to survive.

My Thoughts:

Murder mysteries are my favorate genere (can you tell from past reviews?) and this book did not let me down. Murder, humor, and twists and turns had me going for the whole 171 pages. Its a simple book really but I like that, to many authors are tryingto be ‘deep and complex’ and it just gets comfusing. This book has twists and turns but you don’t get lost along the way. 

It was a quick read which was great now that life is getting busy again but still long enough that I didn’t feel jiped.

I really love finding local authors with talent! Please support this guy I hope he has more coming!!


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