Paintball does good.

For those of you who don’t know paintball is my ‘alter ego’ I wanted to share something really cool with you all that happened in the paintball world recently.

Aaron F is a local field manager at MN Pro Paintball and his wife lost her mom in January of 2012 after a battle with cancer for over 6 years. .

Aaron did a little thinking about how he could honor her and surprise his wife and made a phone call to James Grundy (co-owner and lead engineer at MacDev Paintball.) The idea was to purchase a  small batch of Clone GT’s with the intention of selling them to make a large donation to breast cancer research. After a bit of talking they decided on 6 markers with 5 of them being sold for a donation and 1 as a gift for his wife.

Next he did some talking to Eric Roysdon (Owner/Found of Aggressive Sports Distribution) he is the only company MacDev will allow to anodize their line of markers and maintain the factory warranty. Eric agreed to graciously donate his time and resources to come up with a unique and theme appropriate anno job.

Eric from Aggressive Factory

Lastly Aaron spoke with with Gavin Anderson (Owner at Kohn Sports) about possibly doing a small laser “tattoo” to the markers to signify ownership and add to the unique theme of the markers. He graciously offered to do the laser engraving 100% free of charge and used an image of the  tattoo his wife has on her upper shoulder to honor her mother some time before her passing.

All 5 of the markers were sold, and had money down on them before the markers were ever even done being anodized by Eric. Each person that purchased one of the markers was asked if there was a word or name that held special meaning to them in regards to the cause. Each person that had purchased one of the markers also had lost a friend or family member to cancer, which made me feel much better about the people they were going to.

Special thanks to the following companies for all their hard work:

Also to the buyers for there generous donations:
Adam L
Jason T
Logan L
Ruben Q
John H

Currently Aaron’s wife is deciding where to donate the about $4,000 worth of donations from this project.

What a cool product of teamwork and love!


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