Running Outside

For me there is something about running outside, I like the fresh air and having the scenery change. I just like running outside, and so does my body.

 photo photo_zps241ab204.jpg
(Not my running trail, I’ve never thought to take a pic while running.)

Case and point, the last few weeks when I’ve gone to the gym the most I’ve been able to log is 2.0 miles. That is with 1/10th of a mile warm up and a 1/10th of a mile speed walk when I hit the 1 mile mark.  Saturday the trails were finally clear enough for me to run outside I made it 3 miles no stopping, no problem…

 I’m glad of this because I have a 7k to run in 4 weeks and this gives me some hope again, but at the same time I’m perplexed. I’m sure its a brain thing, but I don’t have a mp3 player with a radio tuner (do those even exist?) so I can’t listen to the TV’s at the gym and I keep forgetting my headset so I can’t listen to music (gotta get one in my gym bag.)

Anyone else have this problem? I need to get over it because I’m hoping to run a 1/2 Marathon in Feb of 2014 which around here means ALOT of indoor training. I’ve read a lot of hints on this (in fact here is a great blog post from a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador on treadmill running) but I can’t fix my brain, any suggestions?

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  1. I’ve been having issues with distance on a treadmill and have tried to mix up my workouts on it. It’s still not perfect, but a few weeks ago I was finally able to hit double digits with the help of watching infomercials (the treadmill secret?? lol) I can’t wait until it stays light out longer again so I can get back on the streets!

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