Thoughts on Thrusday {Plan together}

Life is busy, in fact some weeks its down right crazy. Planning out the next few months is overwhelming and we need to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

When planning out vacations its easy to make sure your spouse is in the loop, normally they are going with you. But the day to day life, not so easy. Try to find a system that works for you, in the past I’ve used a large desk sized calendar and color coded markers, these days Mac and I share a google  calendar…its great!  I highly suggest it especially if you use smart phones.

But you can’t just do a calendar, if your spouse is like mine they don’t look at it unless they want to plan things, so a lot of the day to day things get missed. You also have to talk about it. Make sure you review your upcoming weeks verbaly at the start of the week or a few times through out the week to make sure you dont’ miss anything.

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