Soda Stream {Naturals}

Have you heard? NO?!?!

Soda Stream now offers Natural Flavors!!


I’m excited can you tell? Well as I said in my first review of the Soda Stream we have a soda war going on in my house, I don’t see the point (except when I have a migrain or am craving a Dr. Pepper.) But we found a happy medium, Soda Stream!  For full details on why See that blog above but here are the basics:

  • Less waste (You reuse the same 1 liter bottle over and over and they reuse their Co2 tanks. Plus the flavoring bottles recycle)
  • No high fructose corn syurp. This was a biggie.
  • Better sweetners, often natural, but if not Spenda.

But now I’m even more exicted because they have their Sparkling Naturals line! Personaly we have tried the Black Currant and Pear, Ginger Ale and Naturally Sweetend Cola (well Mac has done this one, no caffine for this lady.) They are all great!

I love the fruity flavors and that they are not over the top sweet, but my current favorite is the Ginger Ale, some how it has that little ‘bite’ you get from real Ginger Ale, the stuff made fresh at home ore in resturants and I love that!  Plus it has only 5 ingreadiants…yep 5 you read that right, Check out the back.

Yummy!  I don’t drink it often but its great when I do.  Plus they are now working on using natural flavors in their regular flavors. Cola, Root Beer, Lemon Lime and Ginger Ale are the only all natural flavors for now, but many others have natural and artifical flavors.

I’m so excited for this new line of flavors from Soda Stream!

PS You have to see this commercial below, LOL!

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