Well it happened, but not how I thought it would. At first I thought my first injury  would happen during 1/2 marathon training, nope. Then I figured it would be because of the relaxin hormone the body produces while pregnant, nope. It was ice…. 2 slip and falls on the ice last week bruised me up so bad I couldn’t run all week…heck after sitting for an hour I could barely walk!

I’m not going ot lie, it was HARD. I’m feeling really good right now, I have a 7k ‘race’ (I won’t be racing) in 5 weeks and I just mentaly need to run, but I couldn’t. Heck I couldn’t even do yoga till Thursday 🙁 but boy did that feel good when I did.

So I took the week off, I was feeling pretty good by Friday so Saturday after a few hours at work I decided to stop by the gym for 2 miles. Have I mentioned I HATE the treadmill. I don’t know how I”m ever going to do 1/2 marathon training in the winter next year… anyway different post. I warmed up for a 1/10th of a mile ran for a mile walked a 1/10th again and then finished with 8/10ths felt great, till that last effort, I tweaked something. I had been babying my left side so much that my right was over worked grr.

So again this week I’m taking it easy, lots more streaching and yoga though to keep things balanced. I travel tonight for work and I’m taking my new yoga DVD with me. Then when I get back Thursday I hope to get in 2 runs at the end of the week.

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  1. I feel your pain. I have a superficial blood clot in my right foot so I haven’t been able to exercise for the last week and a half. Can’t wait to exercise again next week (doctors orders). Good for you for getting exercise in while traveling!

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